Full Circle does a great job of supporting learners....

Aug 2018

Before signing up for the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice with Full Circle, I was in the process of setting up my own HR Consultancy with the intention of using professional coaching as part of my business. My background in HR and in the Middle East I was working in various large corporates in HR Management roles however after I had my kids I stayed home with them for a couple of years.

I wanted to become a coach because I am passionate about working with people and wanted a way to help that makes an impact. I had some experience with coaching and mentoring previously through my HR roles however I felt that going through a formal certificate process would update my skills, reinvigorate my passion for coaching people, and develop my understanding through a new coaching methodology.

I chose Full Circle because they were friendly, responded quickly to my questions, had good experience teaching and coaching globally and were recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF). They also offered a full certificate program with the flexibility to upgrade to a Diploma in the future and convenient payment plans that worked for me.

The programme was structured, well organized and fun to learn. Gillian and Kate were extremely lovely and knowledgeable and made learning over the course inspiring and engaging. I was really happy that the course was aligned with the ICF and that the accreditation process was clearly outline for students to move forward. As well, the support from the FCG team was amazing! This started with Jane answering all my questions during the registration, Jude supporting us through submitting certification requirements, Kate’s support in the masterclasses, and the mentors for their feedback on my coaching.

I think the challenges that you go through within the course are when the experiences are stretching and pushing you. A lot of the learning is experiential for the coach trainee which means that you get to personally experience coaching for yourself. This sometimes puts you out of your comfort zone but the rewards of that are great.

Now that I have completed my CPCP, I am working towards gaining my ACC accreditation with the ICF with the ongoing support of FCG. The training has given me additional confidence in my coaching ability as well as the tools and methodology I needed to structure my coaching packages. I am really enjoying working with people and have been able to see firsthand the transformational impact of this model on the individual’s I have coached. I have also decided to continue my studies through the FCG Diploma program which I am looking forward to starting in the fall.

If you are interested in becoming a coach or learning about coaching this is a great opportunity. I feel like the training gives a great insight as you get to experience coaching first hand and learn skills and tools to actively listen, set goals and ask powerful questions. As well, if your goal is to become a coach make sure that you know the future paths to becoming accredited with one of the International Coaching Bodies as this will help set you apart from your peers. FCG does an amazing job of supporting learners throughout the journey including classroom, virtual classes, mentoring and coaching sessions to make sure their trainees are ready to be Professional Coaches.

Kristen Coakley - Dubai