For me, everything has just started. Every time I coach, I learn so much about my coaching style and my clients.

Sept 2019

I have been working in the hospitality industry as a trainer for almost 10 years. I have always been passionate about developing people and leveraging their strengths to create a life beyond convention. As much as I love training, I felt limited by confining myself to the classroom, which blocked me from inspiring others in the way I most wanted. I knew there had to be another way.

Buddha said “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I knew I was ready for a change. Over the past year, I have been asking myself a question” how can I use all of my potentials to serve more and better?”. And coaching was the answer. I never expected that the day I attended the “Discovery Workshop” with Kate in November 2018 would be the day I embarked on my new path.

I signed up for the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice in February this year. I was overwhelmed to know there is so much to learn. My self-doubt showed up whenever I thought of myself as a coach. Wondering ‘Am I good enough?’. Now there is a strong voice within me, a passion that burns inside, an excitement that's louder than any self-destructive thoughts that I can boldly and confidently say it out loud that this is the journey I'm on.

It's definitely a personal development at first. At the beginning I had very little knowledge about coaching. I confused it with mentoring and counselling until I gained clarity around the true meaning of pure coaching. At the beginning I had no idea how to coach, where to start until I learnt the TRANSFORM model, gained certain skills and learnt all the ICF competences that gave me a level of confidence to pursue a coaching path. Not only learning, but I also experienced a range of emotions along the way. I took all the knowledge, the wisdom and experiences that Kate shared during the course and applied them into a different level. I started first with my self coaching - my transformational journey. I started cultivating my inner coach by building self-awareness and self-reflection that helps to get me un-stuck so that I can take charge of my problems and maintain control of my own successes. All while empowering my confidence & self-esteem, enhancing clarity, increasing accountability, and boosting creativity, I learn to get out of my own way and become my very own go-to person!

As soon as I got my certificate, I knew I needed to keep my coaching practice going. I decided to create a program called “Impactful Career Coaching” for all female leaders in my company. With more than 50 female managers, I have an opportunity to keep my practice weekly with 2 sessions per week and is still running now. It has been a great experience for the ladies as they have never been coached before.

My passion for coaching hasn’t stopped there. I went home to Vietnam for a vacation recently. I thought to give a try to coach in Vietnamese. I was hesitant at the beginning. I had a lot of doubts. I thought it wouldn’t be easy to be trained in one language and coach in another language. But thanks for my mentor (Naomi) and my peer to peer coach (Andy) have been my massive encouragers. I contacted 2 ladies and coached them. We both had meaningful experiences.

For me, everything has just started. Every time I coach, I learn so much about my coaching style and my clients. I know coaching is my career path. I may not figure out how I can quit the corporate environment and do my own coaching business yet, but I commit to taking baby steps to continue to learn and grow by stretching myself and stepping into the direction that I have chosen.

I'm grateful and thankful for everyone I've met and every experiences I had with Full Circle. There is me before Full Circle and me after Full Circle.

Ha Vu - Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice 2019