Coaching within businesses: what are the potential benefits?

Feb 2020

Here at Full Circle Global we have seen the benefits first hand to businesses of transforming the culture through coaching.

We work closely with businesses, delivering coaching programmes and training to teams and executives. We also offer a number of training courses for coaches that they can then use in the corporate world, such as the Certificate in Team Coaching Practice and the Certificate in Executive Coaching Practice.

Figures from the International Coach Federation show that coaching increases productivity, with 70% reporting improved work performance and 51% reporting improved team effectiveness. When looking at return on investment for coaching, the ICF show 86% of companies taking part in the Global Coaching Client Study report that they made back at least their investment in coaching.

We are currently working with businesses across the globe to help them to improve their culture and working relationships through coaching, from Paris to Barcelona and from London to Brazil.

If you think your business could benefit from coaching you can find out more about coaching in the workplace here.

If you are a coach who would like to enhance your skills with coaching in the workplace you can view our Certificate in Team Coaching here and the Certificate in Executive Coaching Practice here.