Be Transformational

Jan 2019

When I think about transformation I am immediately drawn to change and the emotional shifts that need to happen within to ensure the transformation takes place and is, more importantly, sustained.

When I link this to coaching and meditation I feel the two fit together like hand and glove. If life is a journey of self-discovery, as we explain to our clients, we need to ensure that through the coaching process and the conversations we have with them, we are not giving them a series of tick box exercises or actions just to complete. What we want is to ensure the learning that comes from the session can lead to a transformational shift if the client is prepared to learn from their experience.

For transformation to happen, we have to make meaning and sense of our desires, goals and aspirations, as well as our experiences, thoughts and behaviours. If we don’t address or attend to the emotional aspects of the experience then that transformation will not take place and the learning will not be as insightful.

When I work with others I like to take a whole person approach, the learning process can move into being transformational because it suspends judgment about what the client experiences mean, which allows a dialogue that is open and honest. You would expect an open and honest dialogue to take place in most coaching conversations however it’s the depth of honesty which is important.

When coaching takes a transformational approach you will begin to notice that the shifts that take place can happen both, during or after session. These are known as reflective spaces for work and learning. Both the coach and client will be changed by the relationship and the conversation that happens between them, if done correctly.

I’ve heard so many times from others and I have even said it myself “why do I need help with this, I should be able to it on my own” And, we can, and often do ‘go it alone’ and in many cases we get there before others, but what have we learned? What have we experienced and what has changed?

When we engage in an objective partnership, we find ourselves going further. The journey may be slower, however, the learning gained, the insights shared and discoveries explored gives us a road map that can be referred to over and over again. It can give us give a sustained strategy for the future.

The relationship allows us to have deep conversations, a place to think creatively with a joined heart and mind. Without the trust, the objectivity or the ‘held’ space to do this, transformational learning will not take place and the relationship we have with ourselves as coach or client will be blocked.

Embarking on a transformational learning journey will provide you with sustainable strategies that will help pave the way for your future.

I urge you not to be a transactional, tick box exercise coach or client. Be something greater, be something bolder. Be truly transformational in what you do and you will be amazed at what you can achieve, what you feel and who you have become.