21 Hours

Coach Specific Training


CCEU – ICF accredited programme

Globally-recognised, accredited programme

The CCFW programme is a highly intense development experience that will help you as a coach continue to move forward and succeed in all areas of your life alongside giving your the tools and skills to do the same with your clients. 

Wellness Coaching has grown rapidly due to the ever-increasingly complex and demanding lives we lead and the reduced dependency we have on traditional forms of support.

Those who have experienced Wellness Coaching are often astounded by their achievements and of their new outlook on life. They are more certain, motivated and true to themselves and able to achieve their full potential.

In the last 10 years there has been an increasingly significant interest in other forms of coaching. The three main areas are within Personal Coaching, Workplace Coaching and Career Coaching. However, with organisations realising that employee well-being is at the heart of their success, there is now more than ever a focus on taking a holistic approach to individual and team development.

With health and wellbeing at work being one of the top priorities on the HR agenda, it’s not surprising that there’s been an increase in demand for qualified and formally trained Wellness Coaches. Recent research has shown that those employees who are off work due to ‘sickness’ are costing UK employers £29,000,000,000 per year. With mental health issues on the rise, the pull of technology with most spending more time online than sleeping and physical inactivity on the rise, the call to action on wellness is essential.

It has been proven that organisations incorporating a wellness culture aspire to use coaching as an effective tool for enabling their employees to be present, happy and healthy. The recent health survey by Westfield Health shows that all those engaging in Wellness Coaching have seen a rise in a happier and healthier workforce. The impact of investing in improved wellness of employees can increase productivity, retention, engagement and motivation.

Wellness Coaching is a highly effective way for people to learn, grow and develop themselves in a healthy and authentic manner. It is an active process through which individuals become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.

The course provides a comprehensive professional development experience that teaches participants a practical set of tools, techniques and models, and includes supervised coaching from experienced credentialed coaches.




Key Course Components

Introduction to Wellness Coaching

The principles of Wellness Coaching

Holistic & transformational approach to wellness

The four cornerstones of wellness coaching

The Wellness Model

Energy management and self-care

The antidote to stress

Meditation & mindful practice

Limiting beliefs and how to overcome obstacles to wellness

Expanded awareness, resilience & letting go

ICF core competencies

Sustaining your skills as a Wellness Coach

Course Dates

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This course has raised the bar. Gillian’s approach and philosophy has created expansive reality within the realms of the coaching practice. I am grateful and a much better coach.

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