Start date 5 Jun 2022
Delivery In Person
Duration 1 Week Retreat
Price £1750

This consciously crafted programme that brings multiple disciplines together in an exploration to support you in your evolution and how you live your life. Learn the art of Conscious Living.

About the programme

Conscious living is about waking up. More than just mindful living, it's about being conscious of what you consume with your senses and of the effect it has on you. Conscious living is about appreciating yourself as well as everything around you, through seeing and acting with greater clarity. It goes beyond the traditional understanding of self-development, and introduces the concept of you, not as a separate person, but as interconnected to all other people and things.

Conscious living will have an impact on your well-being and how you choose to live your life. It includes not only the obvious things, such as, what we eat and drink but also what we watch, read and listen to. Conscious living unlocks the garden of your mind through awareness. By becoming fully aware of the complete effect that all things consumed by your senses impacts who you are and how you live your life. Taking you beyond limiting living to pure potential living.

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I'd been looking for a programme that would incorporate a wide range of approaches to living life in a conscious way and this programme has nailed it. The depth and knowledge shared was not only rich and thought-provoking, it was easy to implement into my life. I feel equipped to live my life on my terms in a way that honors the human spirit.

Fran Ellis


How you will learn

Taking a blended approach to your development


This is a 6-month, blended development programme that will introduce you to 6-key principles of conscious living. The programme weaves together a mix of on-demand and virtual in-person sessions. You will be guided through a series of videos, exercises, home study actions. Along with joining 6-live 90-minute masterclass sessions and attend 6-group embodiment sessions with your peers from the programme.

Masterclass sessions

Each key principle will be followed by a 90-minute masterclass to lock in your learning. Taking the key lessons from the principles you will learn practical ways to embed your learning into your life.

Group Embodiment Sessions

After each masterclass you will put into practice you're learning by reflecting and attending the group embodiment sessions. The aim of these sessions is for to experience the work through practice and reflection.


You will receive a workbook and a journal to capture your learning along the way. The programme introduces you to six conscious living principles that you will learn to master. Each lesson will provide you with rich theory, practical exercises and experiential learning experiences, enabling you to fully embody living a conscious life.