Start date 28 Sep 2023
Delivery Virtual
Price £495+VAT

The Certificate in Meditation & Mindfulness for Coaches Programme is interactive and will provide a comprehensive personal and professional development experience that teaches participants a practical set of tools and techniques that you can practice anywhere.

About the programme

The benefits of meditation include productivity as well as morale. Meditation helps you regulate emotions, change the brain’s physiology, and improves stress biomarkers.

A 2018 study — in which participants meditated daily — found that eight weeks of meditation in the workplace resulted in a 46% decrease in distress and a 31% reduction in negative feelings. “Brief mindfulness training has a beneficial impact on several aspects of psychosocial well-being,” it concluded.

The programme will be delivered over 2-days, by virtual classroom sessions, using video conferencing through zoom.

Each module will be explored fully and at the end of each session there will be a short-guided mediation session to help boost your own immune system and bring some calm and quietness to a no doubt busy mind

How you will learn

Taking a blended approach to your development as a coach.


The training is rich in theory, practical and experiential. You will receive 12 hours of ICF coach specific training where you will be trained in the art of coaching for mindfulness and meditation.

Real Play Coaching Practise

Practise the art of mindfulness and meditation when coaching your clients in a safe and supportive environment.


You will be introduced to a wide range of tools and techniques that you can integrate into your practice.