Start date 30 Sep 2022
Delivery In Person
Duration Weekend Urban Retreat, London
Price £495

Coming Home Live is a Weekend Urban Retreat where you will explore the key lessons from Coming Home - A Guide To Being Your True Self. Led by Gillian McMichael, Master Transformational Coach, Chopra Centre Meditation, Ayurveda, Perfect Health Teacher and Reiki Energy Healer. You will be taken on your own personal transformational journey where you will identify and let go of your self-limiting beliefs, rediscover your gifts and talents, understand the importance of self-care and learn to live intentionally, purposefully and joyfully.

About the programme

Coming Home Live is a Weekend Urban Retreat where you will be guided by Teacher, Healer and Coach Gillian McMichael and guests through the key lessons of Coming Home - A Guide to Being Your True Self.

I have carefully crafted this programme so you can come home, back to your true self where you will connect with the whole of you. Your mind. body and spirit. This immersive weekend personal development retreat will transform your life forever.

If you are ready to change your life, improve your wellness and uncover who you really are, then reserve your spot today, for an experience you won't forget.

I look forward to walking you back home to your true self.

How you will learn

This an in person LIVE event, delivered by Gillian McMichael and her guests


Immersive group workshops will take place in the morning and late afternoon and will be experiential in nature.

Reflective Practice

You will embed and embody the principles and practices of Coming Home by reflecting and participating in small practice groups.

Self-Care Practice

You will be guided through a series of self-care practices. and you will connect with the whole of you - your mind, body and spirit through meditation, mindfulness, sound healing, chakra cleansing and dance.


You will have full access to The Coming Home Collective - a community of like-minded individuals who will continue to move forward together as one.

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