Make the change

Make the change

I wanted to become a coach because I enjoy working with people. I love motivating them to develop themselves. I have a desire to serve people and help them achieve their full potential. I am a director of an international Project Management Company and I think these skills are very helpful in my job. 

I chose Full Circle after attending a Discovery session in Dubai where I met Kate and Gillian. It was their personalities, style of coaching and the open and honest learning environment that they created that amazed me. I enjoyed so many different aspects of the programme: the face to face session in Dubai, the people I met in the sessions and of course Kate and Gillian.

I would tell everyone who is thinking about becoming a coach trainee to go for it, make the change. Becoming a coach will impact all areas of your life not only your career. The course helped me look at problems in different ways which led to finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Gillian and Kate.

Darren Bellew, CPCP Dubai February 2018

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I have personally learned a lot about myself and my potential and capabilities

"I have enjoyed the intense practical training where you step into the coaching role and get feedback and coaching in order to become better"

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Deep down, I know it will be worth every step of the way

If you would ever ask me, what do I think about Full Circle, I would certainly say that: “Everyone should experience this amazing journey once in their life, everyone should get the chance to be inspired by the Full Circle people!”
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Listen and you will be a good coach

"After retirement I wanted something substantial to do to contribute to individuals including those working in healthcare, social care and spiritual roles"